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Water Hygiene

With today’s increasing weight of legislation, proving due diligence in the maintenance of water quality in buildings has become a significant management and maintenance task. It may seem an obvious statement, but the way water is stored and distributed in some buildings is undesirable.

It is often stored in a way which leaves it open to severe contamination from pigeons, rodents, insects, human contamination and building debris. What’s more, tank rooms are often out of sight and out of mind and may not be inspected for months and even years. Water stored in such a manner, and/or at the wrong temperatures, produces an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, passing infection to the unwitting occupants of the building.


have coined the phrase ‘water is food’, to remind ourselves and our clients that it should be stored, managed and treated with the same respect that we afford food. 

If you remember this, and act accordingly, you will not only ensure that the occupants of your building have a healthy water supply, but reduce your chance of being accused of negligence.

In so doing you will also begin to meet all your statuary duties under the various legislative requirements.

Water Hygiene at Aquastat