Broadways Nursing Home: Legionella bacteria found in plumbing

Broadways Nursing Home: Legionella bacteria found in plumbing

A strain of legionella bacteria has been found in the plumbing system of a County Antrim nursing home.

It was discovered at Broadways Nursing Home in Larne in November.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) said, that while the bacteria is present, there has not been an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease.

The entire water system at the home is being replaced to address the issue. The home said the issue would be resolved in the coming weeks.

Barbara Sloan of Broadway Nursing Home said the issue was discovered as part of routine assessments.

“The pipe work is to be upgraded and while that work is being done, we have cut off some of the mains water supply within the home,” she said.

“The safety and comfort of our residents is of paramount importance and will continue to be so.”

The RQIA said use of some taps in the home have been withdrawn and others restricted as a precaution.

Tap filters and bottled water have also been provided to residents. The regulatory body has also notified the Health and Safety Executive.

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