Services offered by Aquastat for water systems in buildings.

WATER HYGIENE : Cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks and all associated downstream services. Cleaning and disinfection of tank rooms.

WATER TANKS : Refurbishment to Byelaw requirements. Butyl lining, GRP coating, painting or replacement.

RISK ASSESSMENTS : Water & Air systems for compliance with legislation.

DUCTWORK : Cleaning & disinfection. Fitting of inspection panels.

WATER SOFTENERS : Supply, installation & servicing.

HEATING SYSTEMS : Chemical cleaning, corrosion/scale inhibitor dosing.

COOLING TOWERS : Refurbishment, cleaning, disinfection & treatment.

BOILERS/CALORIFIERS : Chemical descaling.

LEGIONELLA : Monitoring, management, treatment, log books etc.

SCALE CONTROL : Non-softening equipment for controlling hardness scale.

MONITORING : Microbiological & chemical sampling & analysis.

HOT WATER SERVICES : Temperature monitoring & cleaning.

UV STERILISERS : Ultra-violet sterilisation equipment for water services.

ON-LINE DISINFECTION : Non-disruptive disinfection of water systems.

EMERGENCY SERVICES : Legionella outbreaks – emergency disinfection, tank replacement etc.

Legionella Control Association

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